iXL Academy Preschool and After School Programs


A few Frequently Asked Questions:

What ages can attend iXL Academy?

Preschool:  2 (potty trained) to 5 years of age.

After School:  Kindergarten through 6th grade

Do you have to be a member of Temple Baptist Church to enroll?

No, you do not have to be a member of the church to enroll a child in our programs. Children from the community and surrounding communities alike are welcome to enroll.

Are children required to do homework in the After School Program?

Our after school program is designed to provide time and assistance for homework. It is the responsibility of the students to bring homework to the after school program. If students do not have homework for the day, they may study for tests, read books, or participate in other learning activities that will be available during the time allotted for homework.

I can’t afford to enroll my child, do you provide tuition assistance or accept state aid?

The Missouri Department of Social Services offers temporary assistance to families for the purpose of assisting families with child care expenses to allow the parents to work or to attend school or training programs.  We are currently registered in this program and can accept students receiving state aid. Temple Baptist Church has established an iXL Academy Tuition Assistance Fund for the purpose of helping families in need with tuition assistance through donations from the community. Contact our director, Hannah Huitt (hannah@tbcsullivan.com/573-468-8044) for more information on how to apply for tuition assistance. If you wish to donate to the iXL Academy Tuition Assistance Fund please contact Mary Ann Center at (573) 468-8044.

Do you offer a discount on tuition for members of Temple Baptist Church?

No, tuition rates are the same for everyone who attends iXL Academy. We do waive the $50 supply fee for members of TBC.

Can my children and or my family attend special events offered by the church?

Absolutely! Throughout the year, Temple Baptist Church will hold special events at which the public is welcome. These include Vacation Bible School, Fall Festival, Christmas productions, Wednesday Evening Programming, and many other events. You are also welcome to attend church with us on Sunday mornings during the 8:15 and 10:45 a.m. worship services. You do not need to be a member of the church to participate in these activities.